Stamped concrete and colored concrete have lots of varieties and it’s the most selected option for common places like walkways, patios, flooring etc. It’s like a shapeshifter since you can stamp a specific design making it look like wood, marble or even stones.  

Its visual appeal is supported by its vibrant colors and the use of sealers. In order to maintain that, sealers are reapplied consistently, sometimes it’s done once every two years if the area is not a commonplace, but if it’s a walkway frequently used or a very high traffic area then you might need to re-apply sealers yearly.  

Stamped concrete as said earlier is a variety of designs that can mimic other types of flooring due to its stamps. Concrete is easy and very cost-effective. It’s also very well-known in the trade of construction and building due to its durability and efficiency.  

Here are some of the benefits of getting stamped concrete for your home or other properties: 

  1. Significantly raises the Market value of the property – its undeniable that these types of renovations require a deposit or investment on the part of the property owner, thus the raise of its value significantly increases. Should you sell this property in the future taking into account that this is well kept, then the return on investment of the property will be significantly huge. Any renovation of the house will always equate to the increase in the value of property.  
  2. Aesthetically enhanced property – the flooring will be more aesthetically pleasing and that will make the property or your home more pleasant and relaxing. The style will not only show it’s elegant and orderly, it also shows that there is luxury in the area even though stamped concrete isn’t even that costly. 
  3.  Resistant to scratches and stains – there’s a possibility that they can be scratched or stained depending on the sealers you used. So, these factors like scratching and staining are dependent on the sealer you will be choosing for your stamped concrete. It’s also in the nature of concrete that it cracks overtime especially in busy and high traffic areas. The right mixture of cement and water will make the concrete sturdy enough to last long and make cracks avoidable. There are also other materials you can use as a base of the concrete to make it susceptible to risks of cracking. These materials include fibers, bars and metal cages.  

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