Moms especially the ones living in Charlotte, North Carolina discovered a new trendy home fashion – Stained Concrete Charlotte NC. This countertop is designed with a plain, simple, sort of homely, homespun, kind of rustic vibe is now trending as one of the most pursued homes or kitchens’ essential

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of getting stained concrete countertops for your home or kitchen.  


Durability – concrete is very durable due to its mixture. Since the material used is similar to those made in flooring and walkways, you can definitely assure its strength. The mixture of it is cement and water usually coated in resin for resistance to other chemicals 

Maintenance – cracking can easily be covered up and repaired and sometimes, it’s hardly noticeable at all.  


Cracking – since it’s made out of cement, there’s a tendency for the material to crack under a huge impact of climate change. Prevention can be done by adding other materials into the mixture of cement and water like wire, fiber or bars. But marble and all other tabletops crack too, so this isn’t really just a disadvantage for concrete, it’s with other’s as well.  

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to concrete. You can use it as your flooring, basement wall designs, bathroom tubs or showers, fireplace hearth, fireplace mantle, indoor elements, outdoor elements, landscaping materials and Kitchen Countertops.  

You should choose stained concrete as your next tabletop design for the following reasons: 

  1. Concrete Stains 

These dyes are based on water and they resist and are non-reactive to stains. They are the type of stains that don’t react with the base of the tabletop which is the concrete. Usually, these types of designs give a more vibrant color.  

There are also other types of stains like the acid stains. These stains contain a fuller dramatic color in contrast to the dye stains which are more vibrant and lighter. These table tops would look elegantly well on any residential or business area.  

2. Cleaning and Maintenance 

One of the most well-known benefits of getting stained concrete is that it’s very easy to clean and maintain. You can use almost any cleaning equipment with it like brooms, vacuums, mops, etc. It’s very easy to take care of it and it still ends up sparkly and looking as good as new.  

If you decide on getting a stained concrete table top for your home, office or kitchen, or want a stained or stamped concrete service done, stamped concrete companies can offer you these services at a reasonable price. This team is composed of very talented and skilled people that can bring your area of choice back to life with their professional and elegant service output.  

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